What is?

verb; hold or express opinions that are at variance with those previously, commonly or officially expressed,
noun; the holding or expressing of opinions at variance with those previously, commonly or officially held.
dissenter: a person who dissents.

Dissent is not unfamiliar to the people of Northern Ireland. Perhaps the orthodoxy of recent years with respect to the way ahead has created a dullness in political debate. We have reached a point in the polity where disinterest rather than dissent is dominant within the greater part of the Northern Irish people. This is particularly true within that part of the population that would regard itself as broadly unionist.

thedissenter is a space for reasoned viewpoints, a place for free-thinking, for the individual. A place to be able to reach outside the conventional or the consensual. Unionist, capitalist and more than happy than to step outside the wee small place that is Northern Ireland and look at issues and events of importance elsewhere.


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